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미운 우리 새끼 83회 방금그곡?

27분20초쯤에 이본이랑 김건모랑 롤러 같이 타는 장면에서 나온

여자랑 남자랑 부른 외국노래 뭔가요ㅠ 찾을 수가 없네요 ㅠㅠㅠ 

매칭된 토픽 배경음악/OST 2018.05.17 신고

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    라라랜드 OST 中

    [Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone -  A Lovely Night] 입니다.

    방송에 나오는 부분은 1분 10초 부분입니다.



    The sun is nearly gone
    No lights are turning on
    A silver shine that stretches to the sea
    We stumble on a view
    That's tailor made for two
    What a shame those two are you and me
    Some other girl and guy
    Would love the swirling sky
    But there's only you and I
    And we've got, no shot
    This could never be
    You're not the type for me
    And there's not a spark in sight
    What a, a waste of a lovely night
    You say there's nothing here
    Well let's make something clear
    I think I'll be the one to make that call
    But you'll call
    I know you looked so cute
    In your polyester suit
    It's wool
    You're right I'd never fall for you at all
    And maybe this appeals
    To someone not in heels
    Or to any girl who feels
    There's some chance
    For romance
    But, I'm frankly feeling nothing
    Is that so?
    Or it could be less than nothing
    Good to know
    So you agree?
    That's right
    What a waste of a lovely night

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